Accuracy with High-Speed

Turning a good idea into reality is always a challenge to which we like to rise. Our customers rely on our ability to realise our ideas without limitations. There are almost no limits to the number of possibilities. Our technologies range from relatively simple, partially automated assembly /test stations to fully automated stand-alone machines, through to sophisticated complete systems composed of several interlinked units.

Depending on the requirements of the product to be assembled, our machines perform intermittent or continuous movements. Thanks to their modular architecture, it is rather easy to combine all the different tools and functional units as needed. There is one common feature that all of our machines share, despite their differences: They offer high output on a relatively small foot-print, optimum ease of operation, highly repeatable functionality, easy retooling and reliable, low-maintenance operation. An output of up to 1000 parts/min, subject to geometric and assembly limitations, is nothing unusual.

Good ideas for increased performance

Every single product is unique and its production brings its own specific challenges. Therefore the production process is critical. It’s concept should be both creative and based on the broadest, most profound experience possible. We offer you both. Our product development specialists develop coherent concepts after extensive discussion and analysis of the customer’s requirements. The customer is always interested in the best possible solution, even if it means adopting unconventional methods at the limit of what is technically possible.

We work out every process down to the last detail, providing a definite budget with a guarantee of successful project realisation. What applies to new developments also applies to the optimisation of existing technologies. For example, if you want to add to your machinery or improve your output, you have come to the right address. We respond quickly and can develop reliable solutions, that can be integrated into existing technologies, to a very tight schedule.




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